beeyou mission statement

It is said that according to the laws of physics bumble bees should not be able to fly. The simple fact of the matter is that because of their wing size and body mass they are not physically able to do so… Yet they still can!

It is widely believed that this is only made possible because they deliver the extra effort required to achieve their goal.

Here at beeyou we believe that this is the level of commitment that you should expect from a recruitment business partner.

Behind the scenes every successful recruitment project is the product of our attention to detail and thoroughness. At beeyou we believe we offer real value for money and peace of mind, because we do not use contemporary job board information sources simply as a basis to grab potential candidate submissions. Instead, we focus on an all embracing solution that takes account fully of our clients, candidates and the roles involved.

While there is an industry tendency to simply think of a database search as a client solution in itself, beeyou celebrates the diversity of requirements out there and immerses itself in the human dimension of talent acquisition to achieve a consultative solution.

At beeyou we:

  • Embrace complexity and select rather than batch possible applicants
  • Brief candidates thoroughly ahead of any submission, preferably face-to-face, focusing on real role particulars rather than any sales pitch
  • Work to understand fully the business needs and culture framing particular role specifications
  • Apply best-practice in relation to diversity and equal opportunities
  • Bring together the components of a real bipartite — employer/applicant — solution
  • Apply role/sector focused knowledge to frame accurately targeted, labour-saving shortlists

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